10 Games Similar To Tennis That’ll Keep You Active

There are many people in the world who play and love tennis. You shouldn’t automatically dismiss racket sports if you’re not captivated by them. Other options might just be right for you and, who knows, you might even like one of them.

Do you know, there are many racquet sports, but tennis is one of the most popular. Sport is fast-paced and dynamic, which is why people enjoy them. There are, however, 10 Games Similar To Tennis if you cannot or do not wish to play tennis.

Games Similar To TennisWe will take a look at 10 Games like Tennis that can make you feel active and can keep you involved in an active lifestyle.

10 Games Similar To Tennis List

Games Similar To Tennis

1. Pickleball

We love Pickleball, of course! Similar to Tennis, you can play this game in doubles or singles. Court sizes are roughly the same as those of Badminton. Solid paddles are used by the players for the rackets. Wooden paddles are commonly used, but composite paddles are also accepted.

Players in Pickleball are only allowed to hit the ball at waist level, as opposed to Tennis and Badminton where they have more freedom. An underhand stroke is then used to serve.

Players who commit faults (such as failing to return the ball, shooting from outside the court bounds, or hitting the ball outside the non-volley area) lose points. Games are scored on the serves; the first player to score 11 points (15 or 21 in tournaments) and lead by two points wins.

Games Similar To Tennis

What are the requirements for playing pickleball?

A paddle, pickleball, and net are all you need to play pickleball. There are separate pickleball sets available for each of these items, or you can purchase a complete pickleball set.

2. Badminton

If you’re looking for a sport similar to tennis, then badminton is a great choice. It is a game everyone can play, no matter their age or skill level because it is easily learned. Players are likely to be able to adapt easily to pickleball. Additionally, you can play it indoors or outdoors, and it’s an active, fast-paced sport. In Asia, racket sports are one of the most popular.

The object of the game is to hit the shuttlecock with your racket so that it flies over the net and lands on the ground on the other side of the court for your opponent. A point is scored when the shuttlecock cannot be hit by your opponent before it hits the ground. There are 21 points in a game of shuttlecock.

There is a net in the middle of the badminton court, which is rectangular in shape. There is a 44-foot-long and 17-foot-wide badminton court for singles. Two courts are 20 feet wide for doubles.

Games Similar To Tennis

What are the requirements to play badminton?

To play badminton, you need a badminton racquet and a shuttlecock. The U.S. Badminton Association has more information on the sport.

3. Squash

Tennis is not the only fun game you can play. You can also play squash. Quick reflexes and good hand-eye coordination are required in this game due to its fast pace. In addition, the game has a strategy component that challenges players to outsmart the competition.

A rubber ball is used and two to four players play squash on a four-walled court indoors. In order to hinder their opponent from returning the ball, players hit their racquets into the wall.

HIHO (Hand-In-Hand-Out) and Point A Rally (P.A.R.) are the two main ways to score in squash. In PAR, the winning team is the one that wins each of the five games with 11 points. In HIHO, points can only be earned by serving. The game is played according to the first-to-nine rule.

Games Similar To Tennis

What are the requirements for playing squash?

The equipment required for squash is a squash racquet, a squash ball, and comfortable clothing.

4. Beach Tennis

Beach tennis is a sport that is usually played on the sand on a beach. The fun about this game is that it is an exciting, fast-paced sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Besides being simple to learn and achievable on any surface, it’s the perfect activity for a picnic or a day at the beach.

Beach tennis is not only a great way to stay in shape, but it is also a great way to meet new people. In both teams, two players are required to hit the ball over the net into the opponent’s court.

Aside from having no-advantage scoring, no service let, and no second serve, beach tennis follows almost the same rules and scoring system as tennis. A ball that touches the ground ends the point.

Games Similar To Tennis

What are the requirements for playing beach tennis?

A tennis racket or paddle and a beach ball are needed for beach tennis.

5. Soft Tennis

Tennis and soft tennis have many similarities, but the ball is softer in soft tennis. The sport is fun for a number of reasons. Exercise, socialization, and learning new skills are all advantages of this sport. Various indoor and outdoor options are available.

Japan originated soft tennis, which you can play either by yourself or with a partner. The sport is also suitable for children. After the ball cannot be returned by either player, the other player is declared the winner. When there is a tie in singles or doubles, soft tennis has a “final game” instead of tiebreakers.

Games Similar To Tennis

What are the requirements for playing soft tennis?

Light racquets and a soft ball are the tools of the sport.

6. Platform Tennis

In addition to tennis, platform tennis is another similar sport. Fast-paced, demanding quick reflexes, and providing a good workout all at the same time, make this game fun. In addition, it is a relatively simple game to learn, and anyone regardless of age can play it.

A game of chess invented in 1928 by James Cogswell and Fessenden Blanchard. A paddle-shaped racquet is used for this sport, and a court surrounded by fencing is similar to that of tennis. A sponge tennis ball resembles a regular tennis ball, but it has a heavier feel and is made of sponge material.

Platform tennis courts have the same measurements as regular tennis courts, including their length by width. Similar to regular tennis, scores are recorded on these courts.

Games Similar To Tennis

What are the requirements for playing platform tennis?

Playing the game requires a paddle and a platform ball.

7. Table Tennis

There are usually two or four players playing table tennis at the same time. The sport might also be called pinball in some countries. People of all ages and abilities can enjoy playing table tennis because it is both challenging and strategic.

You can play it either competitively or leisurely, making it an ideal activity for social gatherings. Also, since it is low-impact, all the joints and muscles are spared.

A lightweight, hollow ball is hit back and forth by two or four players using small rackets. A rectangular table divided by a net is used for playing the game. 

A ball must bounce once on each side of the table, and then be returned so that it bounces on the other side of the table. The player scores points for not returning the ball within the rules.

Games Similar To Tennis

What are the requirements for playing table tennis?

Ping-pong balls and table tennis rackets are used for playing table tennis.

8. Padel Tennis

Played by two teams of two on enclosed courts, padel is a racquet sport similar to tennis. Originally from Mexico, it is now widely played throughout Europe and South America. World racquet sports have never been more popular. Everyone of any age and ability can enjoy playing padel tennis. Those who are familiar with tennis will have no problem learning the sport.

There is a net in the middle of a 32-foot-wide by the 65-foot-long padel tennis court. Both sides are surrounded by glass. The object of the game is to hit the ball over the net and into the opposing team’s court while giving them a hard time doing so. It is a doubles game.

Games Similar To Tennis

What are the requirements for playing padel tennis?

In addition to the racket, shoes, and padel balls needed for padel tennis, you’ll also need three padel balls.

9. POP Tennis

We’ll look at another game similar to tennis that’s popular in the US, racquetball. The game is known as POP tennis. Besides being easy to learn, recreational players enjoy it because there isn’t much equipment required. This dynamic game makes playing pop tennis so much fun. As well as this, it is a very social game, which allows you to meet many new people.

Paddle tennis can be played by two or four players, and its rules are very similar to traditional tennis rules. In pop tennis, scoring is the same as in traditional tennis, and tiebreakers are decided according to the same rules.

Games Similar To Tennis

What are the requirements for playing POP tennis?

For POP tennis, you simply need a paddle racquet or paddle, a POP tennis ball, and a pair of non-marking shoes.

10. Touch Tennis

Softball and a racket are used to play touch tennis, a game similar to tennis that takes place on a smaller court. This relatively simple game can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. In addition, touch tennis is a social game that can be played with friends or with your family. In addition to that, touch tennis is a great activity to keep you in shape.

In this game, the players play on a rectangular court with a net in the middle. Singles courts measure 39 feet by 16 feet and doubles courts measure 39 feet by 20 feet. Foam balls and shorter tennis racquets are used, but the rules are similar to tennis.

Games Similar To Tennis

What are the requirements for playing touch tennis?

Playing touch tennis requires a touch tennis racquet and a touch tennis ball made from foam. Touch tennis can easily be improvised in the garden.

What about pickleball?

Despite being one of the most popular racket sports, pickleball is covered in a separate article that contains information on pickleball rules, the best pickleball paddles, pickleball shoes, and how to find pickleball courts near you.

Which one are you going to play?

The racket sports on offer are varied and interesting, as you can see. Despite the fact that you don’t like Tennis, you can still enjoy a game of hitting the ball with a racket (or with a paddle or even with your bare hands) even if you don’t like the sport of it. What sounds interesting to you and what do you want to try the most? Please let us know!

Final Thoughts

There have been many variations of tennis at thetennispredict and other racket sports over the years. The sports have many similarities, but each has its own distinct characteristics.

Because of the variations available, racket sports can be tailored to fit people’s abilities and fitness levels, making them even more accessible.

Trying different sports and learning how to transfer your skills between them can also be fun and challenging.

Playing one of these 10 Games Similar To Tennis may also encourage some to take up regular tennis. Regardless of your choice, racket sports offer a variety of health and social benefits. You can also get help from the video below: