25 Straightforward Pickleball Tips for Beginners

Today we’re going to discuss 25 easy pickleball tips for beginners. There is a reason for these pickleball tips to be basic and elementary. Getting more enjoyment out of the game is our goal for someone who is new to the game. You may enjoy reading Pickleball Doubles Strategies

You are more likely to come back for a four and five-session if you’ve made improvements between your first and second session.

The game will lose its appeal quickly if you do not improve, even slightly. That’s not what we want. 

You will be able to make tangible progression as you learn pickleball and continue to enjoy it as you improve!

Would you like to know which paddle I used to beat a 4.0 Pro?

Pickleball Tips for BeginnersThe Engage Poach Infinity

Poach Infinity is a great new game that I recently played!  The team I played with beat a 4.0 doubles team which included a professional player!  It was the best serve I had ever seen on the Poach Infinity!

An overuse of power is a mistake made by many new players. When you are standing on the court, you may feel like you are on a ping pong table or an extra small tennis court.

It can make you feel like you’re the Incredible Hulk and have you think you’re in control. In pickleball, you cannot consistently outscore your opponents, no matter how good you are.

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The fact that pickleball is a team sport may be hard for new players to grasp. 

Your eyes will be opened quicker when you realize the strongest players are not always the best. It was obvious to me the very first time I played, that the younger players who relied on power were not the best.

In the beginning, I could not match the level of control of the best players, who were usually twice my age.

Have you ever heard that you can actually practice pickleball with a good pickleball machine?  

Several great free tips about strategy can be found online before we get started.  Check out this article.

Despite all that reading, sometimes the only way to learn is to have someone teach you.  The website QuickPickle is a great alternative to hiring a pickleball coach if you cannot afford one (like I cannot) but you want someone to help you improve by showing you proper technique.  

QuickPickle provides video lessons taught by experts who are at 5.0 or higher levels to help you improve your game.  I like it because I can go back and review the lessons whenever I want.

To help you enjoy your first few times playing pickleball, below are some easy tips for beginners.

  • Before every match, stretch.
  • You can keep loose by stretching or jumping rope in between games.
  • Shoes should be worn properly to prevent injuries.
  • You should hit your serve deep.  Click here for more pickleball strategies on serving.
  • Serves don’t have to be fancy.  You don’t need a spinner or a gimmick.  Simply place your bet.
  • The act of faulting on serves can be controlled. Serving deep and simple eliminates unnecessary errors.
  • You should not attempt to skim across the net with your serve. Even high-arced serves are best if they are accurate and consistent.
  • To return a serve to the server, hit it deep.  To learn more about pickleball strategies click here.
  • You should always hit the backhand of your opponent.
  • As much as possible, set yourself up for a forehand shot.
  • When you play it safe, the other team will make unforced errors.
  • It’s best to keep the point alive when the volleying gets frantic.
  • Open gaps or open areas between your opponents.
  • As soon as possible, get on the Internet.
  • As long as possible, keep your opponents out of the kitchen.
  • Don’t let your momentum carry you into the kitchen when you are running forward to smash. Make sure you stop in time.
  • Playing with power is not a good idea. Pickleball is fundamentally a game of finesse.
  • You should hit softly when shooting from low to high.
  • You should hit hard when you shoot from high to low.
  • Stand in the “ready position” with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent and paddle positioned between your knees. Take any tennis pro’s example.
  • You should aim for the opponent’s feet when hitting with power (smashing).
  • Don’t lob when you are a beginner. The risk is high, and the reward is low.
  • Rather than a lob shot, attempt to hit softly arced shots that land softly in the kitchen.
  • Use the kitchen as a third member of your team. In order to slow down your opponent and prevent them from overpowering you, you must land your balls in the kitchen before they can approach the net.  
  • The pace of the match can be dictated by dropping shots in the kitchen. Your chances of winning the match increase the more balls you land in the kitchen.

Our 25 simple pickleball tips for beginners were a great hit!  Did you receive any great pickleball tips?  Please share them with our pickleball community below!

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By implementing these powerful pickleball tips, you’ll give yourself a head start in the right direction.

In the comments section below, please leave a comment if you’re new to the sport and would like some help improving your game.  Thanks so much!