Pop Tennis Vs Pickleball – What’s the Difference

Pop Tennis Vs Pickleball – It can be hard to keep track of the various racquet and paddle games as their popularity rises. In spite of the similarities between several of these fun and friendly games, there are a number of important differences. Pop tennis and pickleball are two different sports, and if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between the two, you’re not alone! Even though their similarities outweigh their differences, these two sports are often confused.

We’ve got an awesome breakdown of pop tennis and what makes it different from pickleball, whether you’re a pickleball fan or a pop tennis enthusiast.

What is Pop Tennis?

Pop Tennis Vs PickleballThe ideal age range for pop tennis is everyone, as it is a scaled-down version of tennis. Unlike traditional tennis, this game is played on the inner court, reducing the amount of court space required. 

Pop tennis paddles, unlike traditional tennis racquets, are smaller and more solid than tennis nets and heights. Tennis balls have 25% less compression than pop tennis balls, despite looking identical. This makes this popular game accessible to all skill levels.

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In spite of the similarities between pop tennis and pickleball, the two games differ in a few key ways. Come on, let’s get started!

Pop Tennis Courts vs Pickleball Courts

Pop Tennis Courts vs Pickleball CourtsA pop tennis court uses the inner 60′ x 21′ space of a regular tennis court. In pickleball, the net is 20 feet wide and 36 inches tall, while in pop tennis, the net is typically 31-36 inches high and 20-27 feet wide. However, pickleball is not played on the same court as tennis.

It can be challenging to keep track of all the racquet and paddle games on the rise. These fun and friendly games have a lot in common, but there are some important differences. There are a lot of people who wonder what the deal is with pop tennis and how it differs from pickleball! The differences between these two sports outweigh the similarities, but they are often confused. 

We’ve got an amazing breakdown of what makes pop tennis different from pickleball, regardless of whether you’re a pickleball guru or a pop tennis enthusiast.

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Pop Tennis Racquet Vs Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball paddles and pop tennis racquets have some similarities, but some notable differences as well. Unlike other tennis racquets, pop tennis racquets have a carbon fiber core and a hard surface. The pop tennis racquet measures only 18.5″ in length and does not have any strings, but does have small holes through the surface. The pickleball paddle, however, is made from a variety of materials – aluminum, Nomex, and polypropylene – and does not contain any holes.

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Pop Tennis Balls Vs Pickleballs

It’s only the color they share, otherwise, pop tennis balls and pickleballs are as different as can be! Soft fabric finish and white curved lines make pop tennis balls look almost identical to regular tennis balls. There are large green dots on regulation pop tennis balls that indicate the correct compression level (25 percent lower than a tennis ball). Pickleballs, on the other hand, are made of polymer and contain holes throughout the ball, much like wiffle balls.

Pro tip: You don’t have a pop tennis ball? You can release some air from a standard tennis ball by puncturing it. The compression will be similar to that of pop tennis balls. Thank you, Pop Tennis!

Pop Tennis Scoring Vs Pickleball Scoring

There is no other game like pickleball when it comes to scoring. Each player is assigned three numbers: 1) the team serving, 2) the team receiving, and 3) the server number (one or two). Servlets number one and two are positioned on the left and right, respectively. The server on the right begins the game in pickleball, which is why it is called zero-zero-two. As each team scores, the score’s count increases by one. The server would call “zero-zero-two” to start the match. Check out our beginner’s guide to pickleball for more details on scoring and rules.

Pop tennis scores similarly to regular tennis, unlike pickleball. Each score is called before the ball is hit, as follows: love (zero points), 15, 30, 40, and game points.

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Pop Tennis Vs Pickleball

The best part of these two sports is that you can play them at any age and with any level of athletic ability. Everyone, including friends and family, can participate in and play these social games.

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