What Kind Of Ball Is Used In Pickleball [2022]

During the last few years, pickleball has been one of the most popular social sports. It combines elements of tennis and badminton as well as other racquet sports. This game, though, has a variety of rules that make it unique and fun to play. Played either individually or as a pair, most commonly as a double.

What Kind Of Ball Is Used In Pickleball

Comparatively to a standard tennis ball, pickleball are made of light plastic and have drilled holes in addition to different levels of durability. Pickleball is mainly played indoors, while outdoor pickleball is played mostly outside. There is less weight with indoor pickleball, 26 holes, and it’s a lot smoother. As a result, it is more affected by wind; however, it can freely move throughout the house without wind. Indoor pickleball is heavier than outdoor pickleball, weighing about 0.9 ounces. With 40 holes and a less windy environment, the course is ideal for outdoor play.

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Play Pickleball Indoors

What Kind Of Ball Is Used In PickleballSome of the most popular brands that produce indoor pickleball tables are Onix Fuse, Dura Big-Hole, Jugs, and Midnight indoors. Their soft plastic makes them easier to travel through the air, and the holes in their construction allow them to do so more easily. Each ball weighs approximately 0.85 ounces, and it has a seamless design. Compared to outdoor pickleball, indoor pickleball is less durable as it is played in an environment with fewer damaging variables. 

Indoor pickleball has less bounce, which allows players to regain control, but it also has a relatively low power, which most experienced professional players find a detriment. Because of the light weight of the ball, players have a harder time generating power and after each pass, it’s harder to put power, making volleys between players harder. Playing pickleball indoors is a great option because of its many properties. 

Pickleball indoors cannot sustain itself in an outdoor environment, the wind will affect its performance, or it might break. Therefore, it is not recommended to play pickleball outdoors.

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Play Pickleball Outside

What Kind Of Ball Is Used In PickleballManufacturers of outdoor pickleball equipment include TOP, Onix, and Dura. USAPA has approved these brands for tournament play. Their pickleballs are molded into a seamless one-piece design through a rotational molding process. After cooling the ball down from construction, holes are drilled out of the ball, thus making them durable for outdoor play.  

A heavier ball is better suited for outdoor play because it gives the player greater power when hitting the ball. The extra weight allows the ball to move freely without being hindered by wind or air resistance. Outdoor balls are much louder due to heavy construction and more “pop” compared to indoor balls. In addition, this reduces wind impact on the ball.

In terms of durability, outdoor pickleball may be stronger, but they tend to break faster than indoor pickleball since they are used in much rougher conditions. However, it depends on how hard hitters play because they end up breaking indoor pickleball more than outdoor.

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The Quieter Pickleball – Foam Pickleball

There is a problem with noise during pickleball because the balls can produce an annoying sound and during play outside of parks or residential areas, this can be problematic. Communities have started filing lawsuits against courts as a result of this problem. When you hit a ball you hear more noise because of the holes present in the ball. GAMMA has developed a pickleball court made of foam that is noise-reducing. Nevertheless, foam pickleball is not appropriate for tournament play, and the player who plays with foam balls might have trouble controlling a normal pickleball because the balls are different. This is an excellent pickleball if you are looking for a quiet pickleball.

Detailed information about pickleball

What Kind Of Ball Is Used In PickleballOther than the types of pickleball, there are some additional things you might find interesting about pickleball. Do you know that the USAPA has outlined some requirements that must be met before playing pickleball? 

Pickleballs approved by the USAPA

It has a list of balls approved for tournament play that is managed by USAPA, which governs pickleball. Approximately 61 balls are included in this list, which has various colors, styles, and manufacturers, as well as standard definitions, which include weights and sizes. Pickleballs must comply with standard weights and sizes according to the standards. The color of the court impacts the ball’s color, yet there is a debate about whether a ball has to be one color. Depending on the color of the court, they are usually yellow, white, or orange.

Manufacturers of the best pickleball

Onix, Wilson Sporting Goods, and GAMMA are some of the top pickleball manufacturers. Wilson’s TRU 32 was added to the list for 2019 because it combines the best features of pickleball. It is made of thermoplastic resin and is made from a mold with 32 evenly distributed holes. The Onix DURA Fast 40 is a pickleball court with 40 holes that is one of the best available. Some leagues played it as the only ball during tournament play since it is so fast. 

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As pickleball evolves, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine which option would be the best one for a player. You can, however, use the list provided by the USAPA if you are participating in the competition. When playing pickleball normally, if it occurs to you to wonder what type of ball is used, you now know. 


What is the official pickleball?

Pickleball is the official sport of the United States. Every year, the same pickleball is used in the US Open Pickleball Championships. This outdoor pickleball game is named after the 40 perfectly drilled balls used in it.

How do pro pickleball players choose their balls?

Most professional and competitive pickleball players use Dura Fast 40 pickleball, according to the survey.

Is every pickleball the same?

Unlike outdoor pickleball, indoor pickleball does not use the same kind of equipment. Indoor pickleball is played with soft and quiet balls, while outdoor pickleball is played with hard and noisy balls.

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