Best Small Grip Pickleball Paddles in 2023

Would you like to purchase a new pickleball paddle? In such a case, you may wonder whether a small grip paddle would be a good choice. Our favorite paddles that fit this description are listed below as well as some pros and cons of using them. Learn more by reading on!

The Gonex pickleball paddle is one of my top recommendations if you’re looking for the Best Small Grip Pickleball Paddles. The one I like best is this one I’ve tried a lot. I love how small and comfortable it is to hold, so I can easily play with it. You will also be able to achieve excellent accuracy thanks to the graphitic carbon fiber face. I really like the durability of it, though. This paddle has held up better than others I’ve had that have started to wear down quickly. Additionally, the non-slip handles make it a great tool. My overall opinion of this paddle is that it is a great paddle and I would recommend it to everyone.

Best Small Grip Pickleball Paddles

Based on important factors such as high-quality materials, maneuverability, comfortable grip, grip size, and paddle length, I prepared a list of the best small grip pickleball paddles. Considering these factors is important before making a purchase, in my opinion. My list should help narrow down the options and lead to a more informed choice.

Gonex – Overall Best Small Grip Pickleball Paddle

Best Small Grip Pickleball Paddle

My excitement was piqued after reading lots of positive reviews about the Gonex Pickleball Paddle. It didn’t disappoint me! As a result of its light weight and well-balanced design, the paddle is easy to control. It’s easier to hit the ball due to the wide shape, and the edge guard prevents miss-hits. Comfortable and non-slip, the small grip is made even more comfortable with the cushioned grip. This paddle is of high quality and USAPA-approved, so I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a pickleball paddle of high quality.

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Beginners looking for an accurate and durable pickleball paddle should consider the Gonex Pickleball Paddle. Honeycomb polymer construction provides powerful hitting power, and graphite surface ensures accurate shot placement. With a circumference of 4.3′′ and a sweat-absorbent grip, sweaty hands will feel comfortable even during intense games.

7.9 ounces of weight is perfect for people looking for speed and power without sacrificing accuracy. For beginners looking for a durable and accurate pickleball paddle, the Gonex Pickleball Paddle is an excellent choice.

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Niupipo Max-07 – Affordable Small Grip Paddle for Beginners

Niupipo Max-07

As a Niupipo Max-07 Pickleball Paddle user, I am pleasantly surprised with it. As a result of the honeycomb core in the Max-07, it provides extremely durable hitting and very controlled hitting. The fiberglass face also makes it easier to balance shots. As well as being lighter than wooden paddles, the paddle is also more durable. In summary, this paddle is an excellent choice for beginners and players of a medium skill level.

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You can rest assured that this USAPA-approved paddle is made from the best materials. When you get sweaty, your hands won’t slip thanks to the ultra cushion grip. All skill levels will find the 4.25-inch circumference appropriate. Plus, the thin edge guard prevents damage if you drop the paddle. The Niupipo Max-07 is a perfect choice if you want a paddle that’s easy to handle and easy to play.

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03. GRM Gonex – Best Small Grip Paddle Racket for All Skill Level Players

GRM Gonex

Players of all skill levels will enjoy using the GRM Gonex Pickleball Paddle. There is excellent power and control provided by its graphite face, which is USAPA-approved. This paddle is perfect for aggressive players due to the honeycomb cell technology, which gives it extra stiffness and strength. With its sweat-absorbent grip, players can hold the handle comfortably for long periods of time. Quick and precise swings are made possible by the handle’s 4.9 inches. It is an excellent Best Small Grip Pickleball Paddle for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

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GRM Gonex Pickleball Paddles have a simple design that I like. Besides the bag that comes with it, I also like the way it looks. To my surprise, the paddle effectively absorbed power shots, which I was a bit skeptical about. For those who want to control their game, balanced play helps to hit with power. This pickleball paddle is a great choice for those looking for a lightweight, easy-to-carry paddle. However, I have not yet tested it indoors, but I am sure it will be just as good.

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Gamma Mirage – Best for Small Hands

Gamma Mirage

Gamma Mirage Pickleball Paddle first caught my eye because its head is larger than average. As a result of the larger sweet spot, power shots are easier to make. Control and power are provided by the polymer core, and it’s comfortable to hold. There is only one downside to it: you can’t do two-handed backhands. Overall, I really like the way this paddle feels and grips. Other than that, it has a nice “pop.”

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The gamma mirage gives me a sense of confidence when I hit. My paddle can be maneuvered easily so that the ball will go where I want it to. Additionally, I enjoy the feel of this paddle when I hit the ball. The paddle gives me good control over my shots when I play pickleball with friends. Using this paddle also allows me to produce firm volleys.

As a result of this paddle, I am able to accurately place the ball where I want it to go. The paddle helps me keep going during long rallies when we play, and we often have long rallies. Any paddler looking for an all-around good paddle would benefit from this one.

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Engage Encore EX 6.0 Pickleball paddle

Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle

Engage Encore EX 6.0 Pickleball paddles to offer great power and spin, plus they are the perfect size for my grip. As far as my hitting style is concerned, the sweet spot is also in the perfect location. Playing with this paddle did not require me to adjust my grip. As a result, I have incredible control over the ball, and I am able to direct it exactly where I want it to go. Additionally, it feels and weighs well. A great pickleball paddle for all levels, this paddle is highly recommended.

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Encore EX 6.0 Pickleball Paddles are the Best Small Grip Pickleball Paddles on the market for a variety of reasons. The first advantage is that it is available in two different weights – standard and lightweight – so you can pick one that is most convenient for your style of play. The second reason is its large sweet spot, which means you’ll hit the ball with more power and accuracy. It’s also backed by a company that is renowned for its high-quality workmanship. A paddle like the Encore EX 6.0 is a perfect choice if you’re looking to take your game to the next level.

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Gamma NeuCore Typhoon Pickleball Paddle

Gamma Legend NeuCore Pickleball Paddle Compass

Players looking for a lightweight paddle with enhanced performance will love the Gamma NeuCore Typhoon Pickleball Paddle. In addition to the NeuCore Technology, the fiberglass surface offers excellent traction and control, along with a 25% thicker large-cell construction. Power and spin can also be generated by the paddle’s wide top. Gamma NeuCore Typhoon is a great paddle for players looking to take their game to the next level.

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With a petite grip circumference and small hands, this paddle is specially designed for players. With its 4 1/2″ long handle and additional cushioning, you can hold the tool comfortably even with sweaty hands. As for sweat, the perforated design of the base grip keeps your hand dry during intense activities.

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Does grip size matter in pickleball?

The size of a person’s grip is often overlooked when playing pickleball. Taking a paddle and hitting the ball is as easy as picking up a paddle. Nevertheless, grip size can have a significant impact on your game. You won’t be able to control the paddle or the ball if your grip is too small. If you don’t control the ball, you might end up spraying it everywhere.

However, a large grip will prevent you from generating as much power. How big should your grip be? That question isn’t easy to answer, unfortunately. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and style of play. If you are unsure which size will work for you, you should experiment until you find one that is comfortable and gives you the results you are looking for.

How do you make a pickleball paddle grip smaller?

There are many different ages and abilities that can enjoy pickleball, which makes it a great game for everyone. Despite this, smaller hands can have difficulty gripping the paddles for some reason. You can reduce the size of your grip by doing a few things if you find yourself in this situation.

The grip can be wrapped with tape until it feels comfortable in your hand. Additionally, you can use a lighter grip tape, which provides more cushioning and makes the grip easier to hold. If you have smaller hands, another option would be to purchase a paddle grip designed specifically for them. A softer material is typically used for these grips, which makes them more comfortable to hold. It’s easy to make your pickleball paddle grip smaller, no matter which method you choose.

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Is a thicker pickleball paddle better?

In the pickleball world, there is much debate about the best paddle size. The thinner the paddle, the greater the control, and the thicker the paddle, the greater the power. What is the best option for you? A person’s preference ultimately determines what they choose. Getting a feel for the game might be easier with a thicker paddle if you’re just starting.

In order to determine what size will work best for you, experiment with different sizes once you’ve developed your skills. Choosing the right paddle depends on your playing style and the pros and cons of thin vs. thick paddles. Trying different paddles will surely lead you to the perfect match.

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Final Words – What Pickleball Paddle Should You Buy?

There’s nothing quite like pickleball if you’ve never played it. This game can be enjoyed by anyone because it’s fast-paced and fun. Best Small Grip Pickleball Paddles should be choice-wise, and I recommend the Niupipo. The graphite composite material provides great power and control and is extremely durable. A close second place goes to the ONIX Z5. A bit lighter than most graphite composites, it’s also made of graphite composite material. The paddles are both great, so you can’t go wrong either way.

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