How to Clean Your Pickleball Paddle? [2023]

How often do you clean your pickleball paddle? Pickleball paddles can get very dirty over time, so you should clean them regularly. Your pickleball paddle may become smooth if it has grit, so you won’t be able to put a spin on the pickleball. The gritty, textured paddle surface plays better when cleaned from time to time, and helps the paddle play more like new.

Best Way to Clean Your Pickleball Paddle

How to Clean Your Pickleball PaddleThe following methods will help you clean your pickleball paddle:

  1. Clean Magic Eraser – I have found that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are my personal favorite for cleaning pickleball paddles (a tip that I received from Senior Pickleball Pro, Steve Kennedy). To remove dirt from your paddle surface, lightly scrub it with a Magic Eraser. Once the pickleball paddle has been cleaned, wipe it with a damp cloth. Once the water has been wiped away, allow it to dry.
  2. Glass Cleaner and a Microfiber Cloth – You can clean your pickleball paddle using a microfiber or lint-free cloth and glass cleaner. Clean your glass with the glass cleaner by spraying it onto your cloth and lightly scrubbing it. Leave your pickleball paddle to dry after cleaning it. Avoid using a heavier cleaning solution on your pickleball paddle, as it may leave a residue.

Don’t worry if the graphics on your pickleball paddle start to wear after a few games. The result of lots of pickleball practice over the years is this normal and simple sign.

Replace Your Pickleball Grip

Also, make sure you replace your pickleball paddle’s grip periodically. It is possible for your grip to lose tackiness, creating a slippery grip (particularly when wet or sweaty), or otherwise wear down, resulting in a lack of support for your fingers and palm. Change your pickleball grip from time to time to avoid dropping your paddle during the winning point. 

Bring Your Pickleball Paddle Inside

Pickleball paddles should never be left outdoors or in vehicles. When you are not using your pickleball paddle, bring it inside like a prized possession. It is possible for your pickleball paddle or pickleball to be affected by weather conditions if you leave them outside or in your car. When you aren’t using your pickleball paddle, bring it indoors to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your pickleball paddle, clean your paddle, change your grip, and keep your paddle indoors when not in use.

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