Paddle Tennis Net Height: Everything You need to Know

A Paddle Tennis Net Height is necessary for anyone who wants to play the game, from a beginner to a tennis legend such as Roger Federer. A tennis court’s structure is crucial to improving the game’s challenge, adventure, and appeal. You cannot win a tennis match if you are unable to land the ball over the net on your opponent’s court. A tennis court’s net is an essential component, so its measurements need to be correct. You can also read Pickleball vs Tennis

paddle tennis net heightPlayers must overcome one of the main obstacles they must encounter when playing a point when they have to overcome a net, which divides a tennis court in half.

The paddle tennis net height is 31 inches (0.78m). Restraint lines are drawn parallel to the net at 12 feet (3.66 meters) on the west coast. As long as the player receiving the serve has struck the ball, both feet must remain behind the restraint line. There are no differences between paddle rules and tennis rules.

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