Best Pickleball Shoes for Women in 2023

Among racquet sports, footwear is of utmost importance. In order to avoid twisting your ankles and getting hurt, you need a stable foothold with great support. Here are the best pickleball shoes for women.

As a way to maintain the attention of their bored children, three dads invented pickleball in 1965. Since its creation, pickleball has provided good exercise, fun, and excitement for all ages with a blend of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton.

A net, a pickleball ball, paddles, and an opponent are all you need to play pickleball. However, if you want to become a better pickleball player, you must invest in dedicated equipment.

Many pickleball players overlook the importance of quality pickleball shoes when it comes to their pickleball pickleball shoes for women

Obviously, you can’t just go shopping for pickleball shoes, since there aren’t any! In order to play pickleball effectively, you should find shoes made for other purposes with qualities similar to those required for pickleball.

As well as our top pickleball shoe recommendations, we’ve put together a buying guide with what to look for when you compare pickleball shoes.

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Best Women’s Pickleball Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoe

Best Women's Pickleball Shoes

We recommend ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis shoes for women as the best pickleball shoes. There’s no doubt you’re wondering: why are volleyball shoes listed in a pickleball shoe recommendation? There is a simple answer. ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 is our top pick for indoor pickleball shoes for women because of the same qualities that make it a superb tennis shoe.

Gummy rubber soles provide traction, which is an essential feature for indoor pickleball shoes, and this shoe is no exception.

This indoor pickleball shoe features Asics’s own patented GEL cushioning in the forefoot, which is one of the best aspects of it. You will feel more comfortable for longer periods of time due to this cushioning technology.

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The shoe also incorporates Asics’ “Trusstic” stabilization technology. Making abrupt forward-backward or lateral movements will be more difficult with this feature. As a result, the shoe’s overall structural integrity is not compromised while the sole’s weight is limited.

Pickleball players on a budget will appreciate this shoe’s affordable price, but that comes at a cost. This means they are likely not to be as durable or as long-lasting as some of the higher-end options.

Even so, they are still very well built and are an excellent value if you’re just starting out and want the best pickleball shoes for women at an affordable price.

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K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express

K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express

If you are looking for a pair of pickleball sneakers that are truly top-of-the-line, you should check out the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express tennis sneakers. We recommend these shoes because of their top-shelf quality, but they are easily one of the more expensive options.

In spite of that, you are getting a lot for the price you pay. In addition, these won’t need to be replaced for a long time. Their durability and quality are exceptional. This is a durable product that you can rely on for years to come.

These tennis shoes have a drag guard rubber outsole that makes them ideal for outdoor pickleball courts. A concrete pickleball court’s wear and tear can be handled perfectly by these courts.

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In terms of aesthetics, there are ten different color and design options available, so you’re guaranteed to find a pair that matches your personal style. Each iteration of these shoes looks awesome no matter what color scheme you choose. The pickleball shoes are attractive and one of the best on the market

Those who aren’t used to bulky shoes might find this footwear a bit uncomfortable. In fact, those with wider feet may benefit from the shoe’s wide design, which is mostly due to its wide design.

However, the real difference between these and their competitors is their comfort and support. In spite of the shoes’ average weight, the cushioned insole will make you feel like you’re walking on air.

The overall performance of these pickleball shoes makes them an excellent choice for any serious player.

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New Balance WC806 Tennis-W

New Balance WC806 Tennis-W

Even though these pickleball shoes won’t win any fashion contests, they’re still top-quality outdoor pickleball shoes. Any serious pickleball player will find the New Balance WC806 tennis shoes to be a great choice because they offer tons of great features and proprietary technologies.

C-CAP midsoles are standard on the WC806s. In addition to their cushioning and arch support, these midsoles offer some of the most flexibility and freedom of movement we’ve seen in a pickleball shoe.

Additionally, they are equipped with New Balance’s exclusive Abzorb insole technology. As with the C-CAP midsole, the insoles are constructed using compression-set foam cushioning.

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These kicks aren’t just great because of their innovative technology; they’re also constructed from high-quality leather, especially on the upper.

New Balance’s WC806 tennis shoes feature an excellent herringbone outsole, which is especially important for an outdoor pickleball shoe. The design of this pickleball shoe allows for greater ease with pivots and lateral movements on outdoor court surfaces. It is ideal for outdoor pickleball players because it enhances traction on outdoor court surfaces.

To keep your toes protected from the damage caused by blunt force and toe dragging, this newer edition of the WC806 comes with an enhanced toe tip material.

Moreover, this best women’s pickleball shoe is excellent overall. To make it more aesthetically pleasing, it could come in different colors and styles.

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Saucony Women’s Grid Excursion TR12 Sneaker

Saucony Women's Grid Excursion TR12 Sneaker

The Saucony Grid Excursion TR12 sneaker is our last pick for women’s pickleball shoes. In our buying guide below, we’ll cover many of the reasons we recommend another quality choice for outdoor pickleball courts.

The Saucony pickleball sneakers feature a triangular lug pattern, unlike the herringbone outsole pattern on New Balance sneakers. Whether the pickleball courts are made of concrete or asphalt, this type of outsole provided the same level of traction.

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Its sole-based cushioning and stability system, dubbed “Grid”, is another great feature of the Grid Excursion women’s pickleball shoe. With this grid stability system, you’ll definitely have an edge when playing pickleball, as it gives you a consistent and reliable sense of balance and control, even when moving sideways in rapid bursts of movement.

There are many styles and colors to choose from when it comes to aesthetics. There’s something of a throwback look to them, which we really liked.

As with any Saucony shoe, this shoe’s best feature is its outstanding, glove-like fit. Our excellent shoes will fit all foot shapes and size equally well or better than any other option on the market.

Saucony sneakers, with their innovative grid technology, their high-quality cushioning and support, their stylish design options, and their exceptional fit, are more than a “worthy mention.”

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Tennis shoes are good for pickleball, right?

Pickleball can be played in tennis or court shoes. Playing pickleball puts you under a lot of stress, so these shoes are designed to provide the best support possible. You can also read a guide on Can You Wear Tennis Shoes For Pickleball?

Can I Wear Running Shoes for Pickleball?

If you want to play pickleball in your running shoes, you can. However, that’s not the right question.

It would be more appropriate to ask whether running shoes are appropriate for pickleball. Therefore, the answer is a resounding “NO! ”

The lack of padding and support prevents safe lateral movements for one thing. Running forward is their purpose, not running sideways. It is practically impossible to avoid ankle injuries when there is no support.

Pickleball players need traction on hardwood floors, and running shoes don’t provide it. The next time you play a game of pickleball in your running shoes, you might just find that when you pick yourself up off the floor after slipping and falling, instead of actually enjoying the game as much as you would like, you spend more time picking yourself up off the floor than enjoying it.

Moreover, one of the most important features of running shoes is their ability to absorb shock so the heel does not strike the ground hard when a runner hits it hard during a run. It is for this reason that they lack the ability to move laterally or start and stop quickly. Due to the fact that pickleball is played mostly on the balls of your feet, this heel support is less important for pickleball shoes.

In addition to their lightweight construction, running shoes are a great choice for pickleball players. Running shoes are generally lightweight. This lightweight design is due to the fact that they do not need all the extra materials that pickleball shoes do to support lateral movements.

What’s the bottom line? Shoes for running are for running, while pickleball shoes are for playing pickleball.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Pickleball Shoes For Women

As a pickleball player, you are well aware of the risks and potential pitfalls associated with wearing running shoes. Now is the time to begin comparison shopping for the right pair of running shoes.

Best Pickleball shoes for women are specifically designed to accommodate the types of movements involved in the game, which is what you should take away from this article. You simply have no choice but to invest in a good pair of pickleball shoes if you want to improve your performance and stay safe on the court.

Wearing running shoes on the pickleball court is a huge mistake. Running shoes are designed for speed, comfort, and exercise, but running shoes cannot be worn on the pickleball court. There is actually a cost associated with wearing shoes that aren’t designed for the activity you intend to carry out.

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