Pickleball Singles vs Doubles [Explained in 2023]

Pickleball Singles vs Doubles – In the same way, that tennis is played as a doubles team, pickleball can be played as an individual or as a doubles team.  A cheery attitude, a partner, and an understanding of the few basic rules are all you need to accomplish this. We recommend starting your research with single-player guides if you are new to pickleball and unfamiliar with any of the rules. Even so, you’re still going to have fun regardless of how you begin. 

Pickleball Singles vs Doubles

While pickleball solo can be played with just one additional player, pickleball with a partner offers several benefits, including: 

  • Decreasing the Risk of Depression: Having a partner at play means more opportunities for socializing and more “happy hormones.”
  • Forming a Bond: To play pickleball doubles, you must constantly communicate, work together, and be committed to one another.
  • Physically Accommodating: The court is smaller when playing doubles. This game is perfect for those who need a more demanding exercise at an entry level.
  • Improving Overall Health: Physical activity such as pickleball can lower blood pressure and improve cardiorespiratory fitness. Both doubles and singles are affected by this.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what you need to know to become a beginner (singles) or a winner (doubles). 

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Pickleball Rules Singles vs Doubles – What’s Different? 

Pickleball Rules Singles vs Doubles

Bringing two additional players onto the court results in some key rule differences. Enhanced court coverage and different strategies are brought about by additional players, but most of the crucial changes revolve around serving and scoring. 


One of the most challenging aspects of pickleball doubles is keeping track of the score and the correct server. Don’t let your intimidation get the best of you! To ensure that you stay on track, we have all the tips and tricks you need.

Our scoring article provides more details on the specifics of scoring.

It is useful for the serving player to announce three elements when starting a pickleball doubles game: the score of the serving team and the score of the receiving team, as well as the number of the server (depending on who was picked first to serve).  Server #2 and server #1 will be the first players to serve in the game.  Server #1 on the opposing team will be the first to serve, and server #2 will be their partner.  It is normal for a team’s partner to become the server when the first server loses its serve. When their partner loses their serve, it becomes the opponent.  In the game’s first server, this is not the case.  The opponents become the serving team immediately after losing their serve.  

It is the serving team that switches positions (odd and even sides of the court) if it scores a goal. It is not allowed for them to switch sides or change sides. If the server loses a rally, he/she continues serving. A partner will serve at that point. Whenever the receiving team loses a point, the serve is switched to the opposing team. 

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The serving in pickleball is pretty similar to the scoring in the previous section except for the switching around of the court. There is no change in the rules of serving, which require it to be done underhand, below the waist, and hitting the opposite side. Some key serving strategies, however, include:

  • Focus on the Middle of the Court: Two players watching over opposite sides of the court makes the middle area more likely to be undecided. In and of itself, just determining the returning team’s player is enough for a point to be scored. In contrast to singles, it’s more important to get the serve ‘in’ rather than hit a ‘winning’ serve.
  • Keep in touch with your teammate: No team is stronger than one with a good communication strategy. Communicating before the match can be just as beneficial. In order to achieve the ‘best’ formation during the point, it is important to know what formation works well against your opponent. Stacking and switching is also an excellent opportunity to practice (if you aren’t familiar with stacking and switching, check out our article here). 

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What’s Better: Doubles or Singles?

pickleball rules singles vs doubles

As far as pickleball singles and doubles are concerned, they have more in common than they have in common. The transition from singles pickleball to doubles pickleball should not be difficult for you. The physical demands of doubles are typically lower than those of singles. In spite of this, training exercises, clothing, and equipment remain the same. Pickleball doubles is a great activity to do with friends or fellow pickleball enthusiasts if you are new to the sport. 

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Final Thoughts

You can participate in pickleball alone or with a partner, no matter what your level of fitness is. Players can participate in a relaxed environment with their community by playing with a partner.  

As far as we are concerned, the best thing about this game is its low entry barrier. Our guess is that you can get on the court with what you have since a bored family discovered the sport on a summer afternoon with some spare sports equipment. 

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