What is the Best Weight For a Pickleball Paddle?

If you want to choose the best pickleball paddle, you should consider its weight first. You don’t have to worry about figuring out what weight your pickleball paddle should be.

You have come to the right place since this article discusses the ideal weight of pickleball paddles. According to your playing style, experience, strength, and other factors, we’ll suggest the right weights.

What is the Best Weight For a Pickleball Paddle?

This question cannot be answered definitively. Individuals have different preferences when it comes to the weight of pickleball paddles. Each pickleball paddle has its own pros and cons, and pickleball paddles usually come in three different weight categories. Pickleball paddles with more power may be preferred by some players, while players who prefer finesse may prefer lighter paddles.

Generally, pickleball paddles weighing less than 7.3 ounces are considered lightweight. Paddles that weigh more than 8.3 ounces are considered heavy. In the medium-weight category are paddles weighing between 7.3 and 8.3 ounces.

The use of lead tape, however, can also help you make your pickleball paddle heavier.

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Does Paddle Weight Matter?

The weight of your paddle affects your play and arms and determines how long you can play pickleball. Professional players agree that the weight of the paddle greatly influences your performance. You might also suffer from health problems or injuries if you choose a weight that isn’t right for you.

Pickleball Paddle Weight: Performance, Speed & Comfort

Consider the pros and cons of each pickleball paddle based on its weight. Based on their performance, comfort, and speed, we will compare these weight categories.

Lightweight Pickleball Paddle

In pickleball, speed, flexibility, and skill are required to control shots accurately.

Lightweight pickleball paddles are the perfect pickleball paddle if you want to improve your control. Due to their lightweight design, the paddles can be easily swung for long periods of time and are easy to practice with. It is also very comfortable to use lightweight paddles because of their ease of use.

In addition to its lightweight, the ball is also harder to hit due to the need for more arm power. Shoulders and elbows can be put under extra stress as a result of this.

It is considered lightweight to use a pickleball paddle under 7.3 ounces. For players who enjoy control and want to improve their reflexes, these lightweight paddles are designed specifically for them. You will benefit most from lightweight pickleball paddles if you enjoy playing drop shots and dinks.


  • Fans of dinks will love this
  • Aids in ball control
  • Enhances the player’s reflexes
  • There is less stress


  • Power shots are hard to play
  • Long shots are harder to play

Mid-Weight Pickleball Paddle

Mid-weight paddles provide both power and control in pickleball. The average weight of a mid-weight pickleball paddle is between 7.3 oz. and 8.3 oz.

You need a lot of force to smash a ball hard with a lightweight paddle, but with a mid-weight paddle, you can increase your power of shots more easily.

Paddles of mid-weight are heavier than paddles of lighter weight, but they aren’t as tiring on the arms as lighter paddles.

It is therefore recommended that players with tennis elbows use mid-weight paddles. Another option is to choose a mid-weight paddle if you were a previous tennis player.


  • Ensures maneuverability and power
  • This product is ideal for tennis elbow sufferers
  • To play shots, less power is required


  • Control isn’t as good as with a lightweight paddle

Heavy Weight Pickleball Paddle

Paddles weighing 8.3 ounces or more are considered heavyweight. Designed for players who love power shots, these paddles provide a great deal of power. Paddles with more power are better for players who prefer power over control and technique.

You should be aware that a heavy pickleball paddle may exacerbate an elbow injury. It might seem comfortable at first to use a heavyweight paddle, but it will add weight to your arm and have a negative impact on it in the long run.


  • Enhances power shots
  • Playing deeper shots is easier


  • Elbow pain may result

Final Thoughts

The purpose of this article is to discuss what the best weight for a pickleball paddle is. In spite of the fact that a heavy pickleball paddle provides a tremendous amount of power, it makes it difficult to control the ball. Alternatively, lighter paddles can be swung easily, but power shots are difficult.

The choice of which pickleball paddle you choose depends entirely on what weight you prefer: lightweight, midweight, or heavy. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your comfort level, experience level, and style of play.

Regardless of what pickleball paddle you opt for, we recommend a mid-weight paddle because it provides the best balance between power and control. It is important to keep in mind that weight is only one consideration when choosing a paddle. Learn everything you need to know about picking a pickleball paddle in our detailed buying guide.