Best Pickleball Paddle For Two Handed Backhand in 2023

Despite what you may think, playing a two-handed backhand is not for everyone. For some people, it could negatively impact their game. In spite of this, this method of striking the ball is becoming increasingly popular. But now you want to find out what is the best pickleball paddle for a backhand with two hands.

Selkirk Amped Epic paddles are probably the best pickleball paddles for two-handed backhands. This is due to a variety of factors, such as its ability to keep up with players’ demands, the addition of increased stability, power, and control, and its versatility.

Practicing a two-handed backhand means looking for a pickleball paddle with a large grip size. In addition to these factors, there will be others to consider, but we will discuss them in due course. We have gathered this guide to pick the right paddle to help you make the transition from tennis to pickleball.

Best Pickleball Paddle For Two Handed Backhand

Pickleball has grown tremendously in popularity lately, so there are obviously many paddles available on the market. It is becoming increasingly difficult for equipment manufacturers to compete for the best paddles. Despite its size and weight, the Selkirk Amped Epic paddle just might be the right one for you. Learn more about this Best Pickleball Paddle For Two Handed Backhand below.

Selkirk Amped Epic

Selkirk AMPED Invikta X5 FiberFlex Pickleball Paddle

There are many reasons to recommend the Selkirk Amped Epic, including its impressive all-around capabilities. There is an unprecedented level of control and comfort with this device. A thicker core and immaculate density make the sweet spot on the paddle much bigger. Every time you hit the ball with this paddle, you’ll feel confident and be able to make precise shots.

You will also discover that the thicker core is a conduit for greater shock absorption, which reduces wrist strain. For those with wrist or elbow pain, it is the ideal two-handed backhand.

The grip, which features a cushioning material, provides you with a firm, comfortable and confident grip. You can be confident that the paddle feels ‘right’ in your hands and will encourage you to excel. As the technology used is superior to many competitors, it is important to stress this point.

Polypropylene honeycomb technology is used in the core, which makes the product durable. Furthermore, you will also be pleasantly surprised to find that you get more power than you anticipated.

In either case, the paddle’s robust nature will assist you in hitting single-handed or double-handed. Your backhand and serve will both benefit from the slightly heavier paddle once you’re comfortable with it. 

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With the expanded sweet spot, you will also be able to put an advanced amount of spin on the ball, in addition to the power output. Over time, as you get used to the paddle, your swing speed will improve, and your shots will have a stronger punch due to the thicker, yet relatively lightweight edge guard.

This paddle is designed with a low-profile edge guard that is highly durable. Overall, it is well-balanced and won’t require lead tape, like some other paddles. You can control the ball without sacrificing control because the paddle’s surface is made of fiberglass technology.

Players with shorter arms will benefit from this paddle, not only on the backhand but also because the paddle allows them to reach further due to the extended grip.

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Gearbox GX6 – Best Pickleball Paddle for Two Handed Backhand

Gearbox GX6

A 4-3/4′′ handle length makes the Gearbox GX6 paddle easy to control and maximized maneuverability. Moreover, the GX6 provides excellent ball response thanks to its amazing sweet spot.

No matter which game you play, this paddle will provide you with the performance you need to succeed. Furthermore, the GX6 paddle is stylish and comfortable, with a sleek design and an ergonomic grip. You can’t go wrong with the Gearbox GX6 if you want both form and function.

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With outstanding performance and durability, the Gearbox GX6 Pickleball Paddle is on the cutting edge of pickleball paddle design. A honeycomb-hitting surface gives the GX6 a powerful and responsive feel thanks to Fiber H7 Technology. In addition to adding to the paddle’s maneuverability, the Carbon Fiber Edgeless Frame gives it greater reach and control. Pickleball players who demand the best should consider the Gearbox GX6 due to its superior construction and cutting-edge technology.

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Prince Quantum Pro


Prince Quantum Pro

A good pickleball paddle needs a good core, and the Prince Quantum Pro has a great core. You can hit the ball faster and with more power with this technology because it provides extra momentum for your swing. Furthermore, the ergonomic design and extra handle length ensure a comfortable grip when using two hands for backhands. Additionally, this paddle features an impressive sweet spot that makes hitting the ball easier.

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If you are looking for a pickleball paddle that offers a high level of forgiveness, then the Prince Quantum Pro Pickleball Paddle is for you. A large sweet spot provides a good opportunity to hit forceful shots thanks to the isometric shape. The only downside is that it is slightly less stable due to its lighter weight than other paddles on the market. This disadvantage is offset, however, by the ease with which this paddle is swung and powered.

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Vulcan V560


Vulcan V560

Players who desire maximum control and feel will appreciate the Vulcan V560 Pickleball Paddle. You’ll have plenty of room to hit double-handed backhands using the extended handle, which has a 13mm polypropylene core. In addition to becoming easier to reach, the elongated handle is also great for backhand shots that are tough. Pickleball players who are serious about their game will find the Vulcan V560 to be a great choice.

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For players looking for a reliable, consistent paddle, the Vulcan V560 Pickleball Paddle is an excellent choice. Weighted at 8.4 oz, it is easy to hold and maneuver because of its medium grip circumference. Your shots will be precise and your swings will be solid thanks to its large sweet spot and precision edge guard. You will be able to take your game to the next level whether you play dinks or smashes with the Vulcan V560.

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Gamma 206

Gamma 206

Getting the Gamma 206 is a great option if you are looking for a powerful pickleball paddle. Paddles with a NeuCore polypropylene core have more power and control because they are 25% thicker than regular paddles. In addition to its intuitive spin and gentle feel, the paddle’s composite fiberglass surface gives it a great feel to fit beginners and advanced players alike. Your game will be upped with the Gamma 206’s sleek design and superior craftsmanship.

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Pickleball players seeking a comfortable grip and plenty of power should consider the Gamma 206 Pickleball Paddle. No matter how sweaty your hands get, the honeycomb cushion grip won’t let you slip. Double-handed backhands are also easy to execute with a long handle. As a result of its high-quality design, you can expect years of enjoyment from the paddle.

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Among all the pickleball paddles available on the market, I think the Wilson Echo Pickleball Paddle is the best. Polypropylene honeycomb core reduces vibrations, so you have a great feeling for your stroke. PO3 Fiberglass Composite face also generates spin easily, thanks to its responsiveness. When hitting deep shots with Clear Spin, the ball is easier to control. A high-quality paddle with excellent spin and control is the Wilson Echo Pickleball Paddle, which I consider an excellent choice for pickleball players.

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It has a classic shape and a longer handle, which gives you excellent control over the weapon, while the shock stop technology reduces vibration to ensure that you have a more comfortable experience. Paddles are also very durable, and the bumper guard protects against abrasions.

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How to Choose Best Pickleball Paddle For Two Handed Backhand

Best Pickleball Paddle For Two Handed BackhandIt is impossible to find a pickleball paddle that fits all players. In addition to your playing style, skill level, and personal preferences, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a paddle. You should keep these things in mind when choosing a paddle if you are a two-handed backhand player:

  1. You should be able to hold the handle comfortably.
  2. In order to provide adequate court coverage, the paddle should be wide enough.
  3. In order to make the paddle easier to control, its weight should be evenly distributed.
  4. A durable and wear-resistant material should be used for the paddle.

You can choose the best pickleball paddle for your two-handed backhand by considering these factors.

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The Two-Handed Backhand In Pickleball

Two-handed backhands have advantages and disadvantages, but we are seeing more and more players adopt this practice, so it is clear it has some merit. As a result of the strength of two hands, your shots will be stronger, which is a definite advantage.

Furthermore, when you hold the paddle in both hands, you are more likely to engage the rest of your body more than if you play the shot single-handedly. The two-handed shot requires you to pivot your entire body to hit the ball, unlike single-handed shots where you only use your arm.

Additionally, you will be able to control and stabilize your strikes more effectively with two hands. With the Selkirk Amped Epic’s existing assistance, you will be able to make powerful shots that add great force to the ball.

It’s a great way to compensate for the lack of power you might have when executing the shots with a single hand, especially if you’re new to the court or suffer from weakness.

However, while paddles with an extended grip will benefit people who have shorter arms, there is a slight disadvantage that might occur for others. This is because if you play with two hands instead of one, your reach may be limited. In order to improve your backhand, single hand, and double hand, it is recommended that you practice hitting them.

Also, keep in mind to use your entire body when hitting a double-handed shot. Rotate not only your hands but your core and torso (plus your whole body) by placing your weight onto your front foot. After making contact with the ball, keep the strike’s momentum instead of stopping.

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Can You Use A Two-Handed Backhand In Pickleball?

Best Pickleball Paddle For Two Handed BackhandIs it possible to use a two-handed backhand in pickleball? Yes, you can – However, when playing recreationally, there’s no reason not to use two hands to the backhand. One-handed backhands are not as powerful or accurate as two-handed backhands in pickleball. Here are a few tips to get you started if you’re interested:

The first thing you should do is ensure that you hold the pickleball racket in both hands. The best way to gain more control over the racket is to place one hand slightly higher than the other on the handle. Then, swing the racket back using your dominant foot (i.e., the foot you use for writing). Follow through with your swing as soon as you make contact with the ball. Maintaining eye contact with the ball for optimal power and accuracy means making contact with the sweet spot of the racket. Practicing these two-handed backhands will have you hitting them like a pro!

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Two-handed backhand pickleball shots have many benefits

Best Pickleball Paddle For Two Handed BackhandIn pickleball, the twohanded backhand is unquestionably one of the most effective shots. You will not only be able to control and power your ball better, but you can also keep your eyes on it. You can therefore adjust mid-swing to increase your chances of hitting your target. The two-handed backhand has many other benefits, too.

Maintains balance during play

Two-handed backhands are advantageous for keeping your balance, which is one of their biggest benefits. As your body shifts when swinging the racket with one hand, it is hard to recover in time for your next shot when you hold the racket with one hand. It is easier to control your movement on the court when you use a two-handed backhand.

Keeping Momentum

In addition to helping you maintain momentum, using a two-handed backhand has other advantages. You have to stop and start again when you swing the racket with one hand, which disrupts your rhythm. Your body can continue moving forward when you use a two-handed backhand, which makes it easier to maintain focus on your shots.


One-handed backhands lack power, while two-handed backhands do. Rather than just using one arm to generate force, both are working together. Your opponents will find it more difficult to keep up with you because you can hit the ball harder and faster.

Increased court coverage

Additionally, you will be able to cover more of the court when using a two-handed backhand. Compared to a one-handed backhand, your racket covers a larger area of the court. In this way, you’ll be able to defend your shots more effectively and keep your opponents on their toes.

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Two-Handed Backhand vs One-Handed Backhand

Best Pickleball Paddle For Two Handed BackhandWhether the single-handed or double-handed backhand is better depends on how comfortable you are with them. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses.

Two-handed backhands are used by pickleball players only for fast-paced shots, which means they telegraph their shots to their opponents. In other words, two hands on a backhand indicate a fast shot, while one hand implies a slow shot (like a drop or a dink).


What is the best pickleball paddle for two-handed backhand shots?

The best pickleball paddle for two-handed backhand shots is the Gamma 206 Pickleball Paddle. Power and control are provided by the composite material used to make this paddle. Players who want to improve their game will benefit from the paddle’s large sweet spot.

What is the difference between a two-handed backhand and a one-handed backhand?

In order to hit the ball with greater power, players often use a two-handed backhand. In order to have more control over their shots, some players use one-handed backhands.

What can be done to improve two-handed backhand shots?

Your two-handed backhand shot can be improved in several ways. The first thing you need to do is ensure that you are using the correct grip. The second step is to practice your swing and aim. The last thing you need to do is to ensure that your pickleball paddle is the right one.

When taking two-handed backhand shots, what are some common mistakes people make?

Pickleball players should practice their swing, use the proper pickleball paddle, and use the correct grip when taking two-handed backhand shots.

Do you have any tips for taking backhand shots with two hands?

Use the right pickleball paddle and practice your swing to take two-handed backhand shots.

What is the best way to grip a pickleball paddle for a two-handed backhand shot?

Using an overhand grip is the best way to grip a pickleball paddle for a two-handed backhand shot. If you are using your dominant hand, ensure that the palm of your dominant hand faces down on the paddle. Place your palm upwards on your non-dominant hand while holding the paddle.

When playing pickleball, how should one stance one’s backhand shot?

Tennis backhand stances are similar to pickleball stances for two-handed backhand shots. You should start by placing your feet shoulder-width apart and distributing your weight evenly. Your back foot should then point in the direction where you want the ball to go. In order to ensure that your stance is low and athletic, bend your hips and knees a little bit.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to two-handed backhands while playing pickleball, the Selkirk Amped Epic is the best bet. In addition to offering excellent control and stability, it also performs well in terms of power. Playing with this outstanding piece of equipment will benefit you whether you’re a beginner or a professional player.

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