Elongated vs Standard Pickleball Paddle: What’s the Difference?

These days, pickleball paddles come in a variety of styles and deciding which one is right for you can be challenging. Choosing between an Elongated vs Standard Pickleball Paddle is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. There are several benefits to both paddles, but they are not better than one another. You can read a guide on Best Elongated Pickleball Paddles

You can make a more informed decision about which pickleball paddle is best for you by understanding the key differences between Elongated vs Standard Pickleball paddles.

The Differences Between Elongated and Standard Pickleball Paddles

Elongated vs Standard Pickleball Paddle There is a clear difference in size. Paddles with elongated shafts are larger than paddles with standard shafts. Generally, elongated paddles are between seven and eight inches wide and between 17 and 24 inches long, whereas standard paddles are between eight and eight inches wide and about 16 inches long.

It is also possible for the weight and balance of paddles to vary between sizes. According to the manufacturer, elongated ones could be more top or bottom-heavy because of their oval-shaped center of gravity. The center of gravity of a standard paddle is often located at the center of the paddle face, so it has a bigger, more circular shape.

The main differences between the two are length, width, and weight.

Standard Pickleball Paddle Benefits

elongated vs standard pickleball paddleWhen players begin playing pickleball for the first time, they usually use standard pickleball paddles. In most sporting goods stores, you’ll find these paddles, and they’re what you’ll see most players using. A variety of low-cost options are available and they are made of a variety of materials.

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It doesn’t mean they’re boring just because they’re standard! Standard pickleball paddles offer the following benefits:

Standard Pickleball Paddles Are Lightweight

Pickleball paddles that are standard are usually lighter than paddles that are elongated. In this way, fatigue can be reduced and injury risk can be reduced over time. Also, lighter weights make players faster and more agile, which is especially useful in the kitchen.

Standard paddles have a large sweet spot for pickleball

The sweet spot on standard paddles is usually larger. In spite of the fact that this decreases the sweet spot’s power, it does allow for a little more room for error if you hit the ball with the wrong side of the paddle. It can help players whose pickleball hitting accuracy isn’t as fine-tuned make fewer errant shots.

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Standard pickleball paddles are easy to handle

The smaller size of standard paddles helps players deploy a more finesse-based style of play. The standard pickleball paddle may be more convenient for younger and beginner players.

Elongated Pickleball Paddle Benefits

elongated vs standard pickleball paddleAmong singles players and professionals, elongated paddles are the most popular type of paddle.

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Elongated paddles have a number of benefits, including:

Elongated Pickleball paddles produce more power

With elongated paddles, the sweet spot is deeper, which means the ball jumps off the paddle with more force. In order to reach for overhead smashes or to drive the ball, this helps.

Elongated Pickleball paddles are more reachable

As a result of the paddle’s length, players are able to reach further when hitting shots. Elongated paddles are preferred by many singles players because they enable them to cover more court space. If you find it difficult to reach certain areas of the court quickly or have limited mobility, they can also be helpful.

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Elongated Pickleball Paddles Look Like Other Sport Racquets

The elongated paddles are more similar to tennis or racquetball racquets, so former tennis or racquetball players may find them more comfortable.

Which Pickleball Paddles Offer Power versus Finesse?

Elongated paddles are a good choice for players who prefer a more power-driven style. Standard pickleball paddles may be best for those who prefer a shorter, more finesse-oriented game. Your reach will be increased if you use an elongated paddle, but you will have a harder time controlling dinks and softer shots.

What is the average price of a pickleball paddle?

Most pickleball paddles start at a lower price since they are more common. Elongated paddles could change this over time, however, as they become more popular. It’s important to consider how much you are willing to spend when choosing a pickleball paddle, regardless of the brand.

When it comes to choosing the ideal paddle for your game, it’s best to experiment with different sizes and weights until you find one that feels right for you. Our research has revealed that most pros don’t favor any particular style of paddle over the other, but instead choose the one that feels best to them.

Before committing long-term to either paddle size, it is probably best to try one out for a few matches before committing long-term.

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Are elongated pickleball paddles legal?

Yes, elongated paddles are legal in pickleball. Several paddles are approved for use in sanctioned tournaments by the International Pickleball Federation (IFP).

Can experts use elongated pickleball paddles?

As you can get more spin and swerve off the ball, your playing style will give you more power, reach, and tricks. There are only a few players who love their short handles, thin shape, and small sweet spot.

Which players should use elongated pickleball paddles?

Even though their popularity is growing, they’ve still considered specialty paddles meant for elite players. Nevertheless, you’ll lose the ability to control your dinks and get softer shots.

How long is an Elongated Pickleball Paddle?

Manufacturers are required to comply with a length measurement of 17 inches.

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Final Thoughts

Elongated vs Standard Pickleball Paddle: Choosing pickleball paddles is a matter of personal preference, as we said earlier. Until the time comes when you’re ready to mix things up, stick with what you like and it suits your game. There is no greater pleasure than having a blast playing the best game on earth.

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