How to Hit a Pickleball Harder? [2023]

The first thing you need to do is master your dinks, third shots, and other shots based on control. Once you have added power, move on to the next step. Read more here about dink in pickleball.

In this article, we will explain how to hit a pickleball harder. When it comes to pickleball, hitting the ball hard in pickleball isn’t always the best strategy. That’s not always the case. Pickleball is one of the few sports that is suitable for everyone regardless of their age, gender, ability, or skill level. Ultimately, it’s what makes the game so enjoyable! You can also read full reviews about pickleball paddles.

Pickleball shots can, however, be powerful at times. In this article, I’ll give you three pickleball hitting tips that will improve your game.

Method #1: Finding the Right Pickleball Paddle for Hitting the Ball Harder

How to Hit a Pickleball HarderThere is a difference you can make here with your paddle. You’ll be able to strike the ball with more power if you use a heavier paddle. You’ll have more control with a lighter paddle. The most common paddle weighs between 7.5 and 8.5 ounces. Make sure your paddle is the right weight if it isn’t giving you the power you want. Perhaps you should consider a paddle that is slightly heavier, closer to 9 ounces. It’s best not to go overboard! Several games can be played simultaneously with just an ounce difference. Your arm can become fatigued if you use a heavy paddle.

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A paddle made from fiberglass or carbon fiber is another important consideration. While still allowing you to get a good “pop” from the paddle, these features allow you to keep the weight of your paddle down. For your next paddle, you may also want to consider a honeycomb core. By using this innovative design, maximum “pop” can be generated without adding extra weight to the device.

As a final step, you should ensure that your paddle is gritted. Check the face of your paddle by running your hand along it. How smooth is butter? The ball won’t spin very well if you do that. Pickleball can be hit harder when you have a good grip. A slightly rough surface is what you want. This isn’t like sandpaper. A slight amount of grit is sufficient to grip the ball.

Let’s talk about spin…

Method #2: Put your pickleball shots under top-spin

How to Hit a Pickleball HarderIt is the rotation of the ball over itself that is known as top-spin. Your wrist must be snapped upward when you make contact with the pickleball to create top-spin. The spin on the ball helps drive it down. This way, the ball won’t go too deep and out of bounds, so you can hit it harder.

This drill is a good place to start. You can find the transition zone within the pickleball court by grabbing a few pickleballs and standing there. A ball should be bound slightly ahead of you on your forehand side. As if you were hitting a forehand, sweep your paddle toward the ball. Snap your wrist up just before making contact with the ball. Try it out and see how it feels. Take a look at where it lands. Afterwards, make adjustments. Then rinse. Continually repeat.

As soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll see how easy it is. In no time, you’ll know how much power to put on the ball and how much spin to apply to it.

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Method #3: Learn When to hit the pickleball harder and when not to

How to Hit a Pickleball HarderPower-seekers, here’s your final tip! Use it when it’s appropriate. You know what they say. Let’s say it together. A great deal of power comes with a great deal of responsibility. Pickleball is no different. A little extra oomf will help you put away points faster when you know when to use it.

As a general rule, here’s what you should do. You can drive a powerful shot back when your opponent’s ball flies above the net (i.e., doesn’t bounce down by your feet) at the kitchen line. Similarly, when you’re deep in your own end, your opponent will have a difficult time finding you. You may be assumed to have landed closer to the net by opponents, since you’re back further. In other words, you can throw them off the game with a topspin-heavy drive down the line at the right time.

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