3 Pickleball Drop Shot Drills and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Is your drop shot causing you some trouble? Hit the ball too high, allowing your opponent to attack you? The ball is going into the net because you are hitting it too low.

Our staff is here to assist you in any case. In this lesson, you will learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes players make. You can also master your pickleball drop shot by doing some drills, as described below.

What is Drop Shot in Pickleball?

We’ll talk briefly about drop shots and third shot drops before we get to the pickleball drop shot drills. Pickleball’s most complicated and strategic shot is undoubtedly this one.

In drop shots, the ball is returned softly from near the baseline. Your opponent’s kitchen is softly hit by this fine ball that reaches the apex of the flight and lands at the apex.

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Why Do You Need To Master Drop Shots?

Here are a few reasons why you should master such a difficult shot rather than play without it. There is a real and decisive game in pickleball near the net. Controlling the net increases your chances of winning.

Slowing down the game is achieved with a drop shot. By repositioning yourselves closer to the non-volley zone, you and your partner can play closer to the volley zone. A point scored there is more likely to be scored than one scored from the back.

In addition to this, a successful drop shot will not bounce extremely high. You’ll have to use a softer dink in order to return the ball, as your opponent won’t be able to hit the ball as hard.

Pickleball Drop Shots Drills

Practicing pickleball drop shot drills is imperative if you’d like to master it. So start practicing your drop shot so you can execute it flawlessly.

You can practice drop shots by doing these drills.

Pickleball Drop Shot Drill#1

To hit the drop shot, you need to practice this simple and common drill.

Set up a baseline and grab some pickleball balls. Put your forehand and backhand positions on the net and try throwing the balls underhand.

Use your pickleball paddle to practice this. Ten times on your forehanded side and ten times on your backhand side. To learn more about this drill, you can watch Tyson McGuffin explain it.

Pickleball Drop Shot Drill#2

The drill will help you hit the ball at your opponent’s backhand side if you are playing with two right-handed players.

You can mark your target for left-handed opponents by placing cones in their kitchens. Hit the ball with the practicing machine now. Don’t swing too hard at your target; instead, follow the ball’s trajectory.

The key to success here is consistency. In order to become better at your drop shot, you have to consistently hit, make an apex, and land at your opponent’s non-volley zone.

Pickleball Drop Shot Drill#3

You will develop a new skill using your existing knowledge and practice in this drill. For those who are good at dinking, this is the equivalent of a long dink. If you want to hit dinks starting from the kitchen area, you can keep going back to the baseline as long as you keep going back.

Using an imaginary baseline, you can start practicing. From there, you can return to the baseline when you have a good hand and consistency.

Similarly, you do the same thing from far, so you’ll need to adjust your follow-through higher as the ball’s apex moves back with you. The ball should be played as a long dink.

Common Drop Shots Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when doing drop shot drills. It is common for players to make the same mistakes when hitting the drop shot. How can you prevent them? Let’s find out.

1. Not Ready With Open Paddle Face

Getting ready with a paddle is the first mistake players make. Either sideways or leisurely carried on their side, their paddle is either facing them or held on its side. Your front foot should always be a little weighted and your knees a little bent.

The paddle face should be open when lifting the ball. When there is an opportunity to attack, lift the ball and let it slide off.

2. Holding the Paddle Too Tight Or Too Soft

You should also pay attention to how hard and soft you grip the handle. The ball often falls into the net or doesn’t make an arc when players hit drop shots with a tight grip.

Keep the handle soft at all times. The pressure should be between 3-4 levels on a scale of 1-10 — neither too light nor too tight or it will become offensive.

3. Hitting the Ball Too Soon

Rushing forward and hitting the ball too soon is another mistake that prevents you from hitting the perfect third shot drop. As a result, your opponent receives the ball.

Whenever the ball bounces off the ground, this is the right time to hit it. When you reach this point, lift the ball and move your paddle from a low to a high position.

4. Apex of the Ball’s Arc

Even advanced players are prone to making this mistake. Make sure that the apex of the arc of the ball is before the net when you hit the shot. You will not be able to strike your opponent then, as the ball will fall in the kitchen. In order to get the ball back to you softly, he must return it softly.

You are more likely to get the third drop shot if you follow the trajectory of the ball and its height, right?

5. Hitting the Ball into the Net

Beginners often make this mistake, and it’s natural. Moving forward in a hurry might result in you hitting the ball into the net while trying to reach the kitchen.

Sometimes, you strike the ball too high and it goes into the net because you are too concerned with hitting it high. There is still a chance if you let the ball go higher than the net.

6. Hitting Drop Shot Too High

In the same way, many players hit the ball too high. By doing so, you expose your opponent to the possibility of smashing it or returning with force. You do not benefit from either outcome in either case.

It’s not that easy to land the ball perfectly in the kitchen even if you know it should. We discussed pickleball drop shot drills to ensure that practice will make it happen.

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Final Thoughts

It is undeniable that drop shots are a hard skill to master and don’t come naturally. It takes a lot of practice to master.

We shared these drop shot drills with you in hopes that they will be useful to you. You will master the drop shot in no time if you practice these pickleball drills. You must have a drop shot in your arsenal if you want to become a pickleball pro.