Pickleball Courts in Las Vegas to Play Pickleball

Public pickleball courts are often sought after by people looking for the perfect pickleball court. However, they are not very easy to find. You can play pickleball at these Pickleball Courts in Las Vegas if you are interested!

In any case, who in the world named it “pickleball”? There’s no need to worry! To learn more about pickleball’s history, click here.

Sunset Park Pickleball Complex2601 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas – (702) 455-8241

It has 24 courts and features a full range of pickleball features. It is a pleasure to play on well-maintained courts that have excellent surfaces and even nets. It is also well-lit at night so that you can play at Sunset Park at any time of the day. Furthermore, there are restrooms nearby, as well as parking nearby. In addition, they organize tournaments and leagues, and they treat everyone with respect and courtesy. 

Durango Hills Park Pickleball Courts3548-3598 N Durango Dr, Las Vegas 

Pickleball courts are available at Durango Hills Park on seven different courts. Apart from a large park with a playground, there is a small park for toddlers and a separate play area for older children. There are tennis courts, basketball courts, and skate ramps in the park. 

Getting outside and stretching your legs is a great way to get some fresh air at Durango Hills. Tennis, basketball, skateboarding, swings, a jungle gym, and a skate park are all available. Additionally, there are grassy and covered areas where people can sit at tables or benches.

Oak Leaf Park6303 Mesa Park Dr, Las Vegas

A pickleball court and playground are available at Oak Leaf, but there aren’t many picnic tables. However, the park’s center has a large grassy area that is perfect for picnics. Additionally, the park is accessible via walking trails. There are mountains near Oak Leaf Park. Consequently, there’s a lot of shade in the late afternoon.

Call Scott Whitehead at 360-771-1059 if you would like more information.

Bob Price Park2050 Bonnie Lane, Las Vegas – (702) 455-7600

There are four pickleball courts at Bob Price Park. There are also rabbit trails, horseshoe pits, bocce ball courts, and a children’s play area. In addition, there is a lot of green open space to complement the other facilities.

Lone Mountain Regional Park9825 W Lone Mountain Rd, Las Vegas – (702) 455-1905

There are several picnic areas, basketball courts, tennis courts, and playgrounds at Lone Mountain in addition to its four pickleball courts. In addition to tennis courts, a play area, hiking trails, skateboarding areas, nice soft grassy areas, covered picnic areas, and a dog park, the park also offers tennis courts, a play area, and hiking trails. Fountains and running water are available in the park.

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Would you like to play pickleball?

There are plenty of public Pickleball Courts in Las Vegas if you’re looking for a fun afternoon activity. This is a great way to work out, have fun, and make some new friends all at the same time.

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