Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle Review [2023]

The Wilson Tour Pro pickleball paddle is the subject of today’s review. How good is it? Pickleball players worldwide love it, but how does it measure up?

It is important to have a proper paddle to make the most of your pickleball experience. It is important to choose a paddle that feels comfortable so you can enjoy your game without getting blisters or sore muscles. Wilson is the brand I see most often out of all the options available on the market.

A sporting goods and equipment manufacturer from the United States, Wilson has been around for a long time. A number of pickleball paddles are produced by this company over the course of many decades. My favorite is the Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle, which I have tried out several times.

Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle


Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball PaddleWilson Tour Pro is serious about its name. This baseball bat comes with a fiberglass front for a solid hitting surface, as well as a proprietary textured skin for improved grip. My work is made stronger and has more spin with the fiberglass, but the fiberglass creates a rigid face in general. As a result of its textured surface, the shoe offers a great deal of grip without being too uncomfortable to wear.

The massive “W” on the front gives this product away as a Wilson. There are multiple color schemes available for the paddle, including white and black. Colors like red, blue, and green are available for paddles.  

It has a handle reminiscent of tennis racket handles, which I find very comfortable to hold. I think this paddle is one of the easiest to handle, even though it is not the tallest or widest.

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Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball PaddleFor anyone who plays pickleball regularly, it is important to know the specs of their pickleball paddle. In terms of dimensions, the Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle has a full product dimension of 15.5 x 8.25 inches. Weighing just 8 ounces, it’s one of the lightest options out there. For a paddle of this caliber, the grip size is quite average at 4.25 inches.

The surface may not be my favorite graphite, but it is still comfortable to play on and provides enough grip and spin to allow creativity. Fiberglass can be fragile if you aren’t used to handling it. That is perhaps my only complaint about it.

In addition to the Polymer Power Comb Technology, Wilson Tour Pro also features a polymer chassis. You feel the strength of an impact when you strike the ball using the Polymer Power Comb, an internal component of the ball. A Polymer Power Comb provides a soft, controlled feel while playing that makes your strike more accurate.

Pros and Cons

Pickleball paddles have their advantages and disadvantages, and the Wilson Tour Pro is no exception.

  • Power comb made of polymer
  • Face of reasonableness
  • Skin with proprietary texture
  • Affordability

In addition, I did not understand some of the characteristics. One of the most noticeable surfaces was the fiberglass one. However, fiberglass can be a challenging surface for players, due to its strength and even potential benefits. There are, therefore, several cons to consider:

  • It is made of fiberglass

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Final Thoughts

Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle is best for beginners or those who want a beginner-friendly paddle. Although I don’t like it as much as some of its competitors, the Wilson Tour Pro supports your shots and serves with high-quality materials, a comfortable grip, and a reasonable paddle face.

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